Range Safety Rules

Range Operating Rules


The Campbell County Game and Fish Protective Association, Inc., held it’s first meeting in Dayton Kentucky in 1932.  The present day location, known as Clariola, in Claryville, Kentucky was purchased in 1946 under the direction of President Don Willoughby.  According to our by-laws, “The object of the organization is to advocate patriotism, support outdoor education, foster true sportsmanship, promote conservation, maintain and support better hunting and fishing, encourage rifle and pistol shooting, teach the safe handling of firearms, improve marksmanship, and encourage junior sports activities for the membership of this club.”

The shooting facilities at Clariola consist of a Rifle and Pistol Range, Archery Range and a Trap Range.  Rules and regulations relating to these ranges can be found in our standing rules, by-laws as well as the pages to follow.

ADMINISTRATIVE RULES – Rifle and Pistol Range

No shooting on Saturday or Sunday before 10 a.m. and 9 a.m. Monday thru Friday.

No guest permitted two weeks before the first (1st) muzzle loading season, or two weeks before the modern gun season.

Range closes at sunset.

Park on gravel parking area only.

Shooters must be 21 years old unless accompanied by an adult.

Guests are welcome with members only.

Violation of these rules of range safety will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Campbell County Game and Fish By-Laws, Article 3, Section 8.

For safety reasons, the range may be closed for shooting classes, scheduled group competitions or other group activities.


Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.

Never load your gun until you are ready to use it.


Know your target and what is beyond.

Know how to use your weapon safely.

Use only the correct ammunition.

No one may handle any weapon while intoxicated by alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

Know where others are located at all times.

Eye and hearing protection is required.

Conduct a range inspection prior to shooting; check safety conditions, is the area safe in rear of berm; check target wire, do lights work properly, etc.?  Report all issues to the appropriate chairman.

All shooters must have the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to safely handle and fire a gun.

Use red lights to indicate the range is open for firing.  Red lights on indicates firing is in progress, “DO NOT GO DOWN RANGE”.

Change targets only when white lights are on and red lights are off.

Do not touch or handle any gun while targets are being changed.  Gun shall be on safety with action open, chamber empty and magazine out.

On a command of “Cease Fire”, all shooters immediately stop firing, place guns on shooting bench with safety on and step back from the shooting bench.

The Command to “Cease Fire” can be given by anyone upon observing an unsafe condition.
When moving a gun from one location to another, the gun shall be pointed in a safe direction, finger shall be off the trigger, the mechanical safety shall be engaged (if possible) and the action shall be opened.

Only shoot from benches having the same color as the target poles.  No cross shooting from one color to another.


No tracer ammunition, armor piercing ammunition, or fully automatic weapons.

Maximum caliber of guns shall be 50 cal. or less, except for muzzle loaders.

Shooting positions shall be standing or sitting.  No prone positions allowed.

No drawing from a holster.

Shoot only authorized targets.  Targets to be placed on wire between poles.  No steel targets, cans, bottles, explosive type or any targets other than paper.

Do not shoot at cables or I-beams.

Pick up your brass.

Place unwanted spent brass in yellow collection boxes.

Place misfired ammunition in red collection box.

Do not throw spent brass or misfired ammunition in the waste can.


Take charge of the situation, render aid within the scope of training.

First aid kit is located in the trap building.

Assign someone to call emergency number 911.  Give your name, location, what happened, how many people are injured and their condition.

If cell phone is not available, a phone is located in the trap building and club house.

Know the address of the emergency.  Campbell County Game and Fish is located at
11218 S. Licking Pike, Alexandria Kentucky.

Assign someone to respond to the gate to let in emergency personnel and inform them of the on site location of the emergency.

Take notes, document important information (time, activities, names, etc.)