Campbell County Game & Fish Deer Archery Hunting Lottery – Rules Updated

CCGF will hold its first lottery archery hunt on club grounds starting in December. 12 winners will be drawn December 1st. Cost is $25 per chance. You may submit your name and money to the clubhouse safe or to Ted Pappas anytime before the drawing.

For the sportsmanship, camaraderie, good and welfare of this club, and in response to the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources deer population concerns in Zone 1,” a motion was passed allowing CCG&F to sanction a deer archery hunting lottery pilot hunt this season

Approved Rules below:

2018-19 Campbell County Game & Fish Deer Archery Hunting Lottery Proposal 10/9/2018

1. Active and Retired Adult Members only.
2. Deer hunting only.
3. $25 per member, no refunds, all proceeds go to CCG&F General Fund. Member may submit his name, member number, and $25 in the clubhouse safe or during the November 13 Member’s Meeting.
4. Compound bows, longbows and recurve bows are permitted.
5. Crossbows are prohibited except for persons with qualifying physical disabilities or a legal resident hunter age 65 years or older as detailed in the August 2018-March 2019 Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide pp. 8, 11-12.
6. Firearms of any type are strictly prohibited.
7. Kentucky State Hunting Laws apply and all must abide by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources August 2018-March 2019 Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide. A valid Kentucky hunting license and statewide deer permit must be in possession while actively hunting.
8. There will be six weekends to hunt in 2018-2019: (12/15-16)*, 12/22-23, (12/29-30)*, 1/5-6, 1/12-13, and 1/19-20: *Hunter orange required during all firearm seasons.
9. There will be 2 drawings on December 1, 2018. Detailed information will be placed in the clubhouse and an announcement will be made during the November 13 Member’s Meeting. First drawing will randomly designate 12 hunters and a second drawing will randomly designate one of two hunting locations. All drawings will be final. Only hunters drawn may occupy their designated weekend unless exchanged with another drawn hunter. In the event of an exchange, the hunter forfeits the previously held weekend and occupies the exchanged weekend. Hunter allowed only one hunting weekend.
10. Locations will be the 3D Archery Course and the Nature Course ending at Deer Creek. There will be one hunter per each location per week thereby allowing 2 hunters to hunt simultaneously each weekend. Both locations are physically separated by the large lake.
11. Designated hunter for the upcoming weekend hunt may scout and set up hunting area no sooner than Monday morning prior to the designated hunting weekend. Hunter is permitted to receive assistance to set up from Monday through Friday.
12. Hunting permitted on designated weekends by the designated hunter only. Weekday hunting is strictly prohibited. No one may accompany hunter while actively hunting during the weekend.
13. No one is permitted to enter either hunting location during the weekend unless given permission by the hunter via cell phone/walkie-talkie or for emergency purposes.
14. Hunting blinds, ladder stands, climber stands, and free standing stands are permitted. Screw-in climbers or other equipment that may injure trees and/or property are prohibited. Fall-Arrest System (FAS) is required if hunting from an elevated location.
15. Hunters are permitted to use locks to secure equipment.
16. All equipment, markers, stakes, trash, and etc. must be removed by Sunday evening.
17. Use of decoys, food baiting, salt blocks, feeding machines, electronic calls, and trail cameras are prohibited.
18. Mock scrapes and rubs are prohibited.
19. Use of scents, lures, scent-drags, hand or mouth-operated calls, and the use of cameras and videos to record the hunt are permitted.
20. Use of an attractant is permitted provided the material is contained in a vessel no larger than a five gallon bucket and no more than one container per hunter may be used. Material must remain in the container at all times. Placing material outside this container is prohibited.
21. The use of on-road and off-road vehicles is prohibited; this includes quads, side-by-sides, or any other sport utility vehicle.
22. Use of non-pin-in-tree yardage markers such as twist ties, hanging scents, and ground stakes are permitted but must be removed by Sunday evening.
23. Designated hunter may LIGHTLY trim vegetation and remove dead trees to allow safe shooting lanes. Removal of live healthy trees, bushes, fencing, and significant amount of vegetation is strictly prohibited.
24. It is the designated hunter’s responsibility to obtain assistance, if needed, to remove the carcass from the property. Sleds and carts are permitted.
25. Gut piles must remain in the woods or may be bagged and removed from the property. Absolutely no remains may be placed in the dumpster.
26. Multiple antlerless deer may be harvested provided the hunter has a valid Kentucky hunting license and a statewide deer permit for the number harvested. An antlered deer may be harvested and will count as their one and only antlered deer tag.
27. Hunter must have permission from adjacent landowners to cross property lines. Please remember to thank the landowner whenever possible.
28. Each designated hunter must have a cell phone in their possession during active hunting hours for emergency reasons.
29. Use of walkie-talkies is permitted but the use of cell phones is mandatory during active hunting.
30. Designated hunters for a given weekend must contact each other prior to hunting.
31. There will be a deer logbook in the clubhouse with vital information on each hunter. All deer taken must be entered in the logbook before the carcass(s) leaves the property. Please remember it is mandatory to telecheck each harvested deer to the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources. When telechecking harvest, enter property as “PRIVATE LAND”.
32. Each hunting location entrance will be clearly marked and taped off.
33. There will be a luck-shoot target stand located at the entrance of each hunting location for the designated hunter of that weekend to place an ID Card with Name, Member Number, and Phone Number into while actively hunting in the area. Hunter will remove ID card from luck-shoot target stand when leaving the area and not actively hunting. ID card serves to alert the membership, identify the hunter, and provide contact information for emergency purposes.
34. A sign will be placed at the entrance gate to alert all who enter the property that deer hunting is in progress for that given weekend.
35. There are plans for a feedback survey for each hunter to fill out at the end of this season. Every hunter who completes this survey will receive a unique complementary CCGF hat with hunter’s member number stitched on it and perhaps other items in consideration.
36. Violation of the aforementioned rules may result in forfeit of membership.