Member Contact Information Needed

CCG&F has outdated contact information for a number of members.  If you or someone you know is on this list, we need their updated contact information.  Please fill out the form below, or contact Chris McGreevy (Phone 859-372-0077, Email with your updated information.

This list is also posted at the club.  Thanks!

Thomas Beck

Tim Beiting

Bruce Blanton

Joseph Bloemer

Mark Botto

Daniel Brooks

David Byrd

Andy Darpel

Kyle Firth

Bernard Gallenstine Sr.

Thomas Green

Benjamin Groneck

Gary Hawkins

David Hearld

John Hearld

Steve Heeg Jr

E Heeg

Dan Heiert

Ken Herald

Rick Huck

Chad Hug

Larry Kappas

Joel Kreilein

Dave Lindsay

Ken Geiman

Mike McCord

Joe Muehlekamp

John O’Day

Phil Riess

Dan Roberts

Mark Roberts

Timothy Schalk

Robert Schmerge Sr

Tim Stieritz

Mark Swearingen

Allen Thorton

Jeff Viers

Jacob Wehage

Andrew White

Melvin Whitehead

Harry Whitehill


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