2017 Officers and Trustees Elected

Election of Officers and Trustees were held at our December Member’s Meeting.  All of the officers from 2016 ran unopposed and were re-elected.  New trustees for the 2017/2018 term include Marty Stieritz and Travis Heiert.  We would like to thank Mike Steritz and Jerry Allender for your service to the board!

Officers 2017

Board Chairman      513-702-2319       Dan McGuinness

President                  859-991-0890        John Horan

Vice – President      859-581-4397        Ted Pappas

Secretary                  859-781-2691       Ted  Bush

Treasurer                 859-466-4098       John Shirley

Finanical Secretary  859-992-8070      Dave Merman

Board of Trustees

2016/2017 term

Jim Patrick                    859-991-0436

Chris McGreevy            859-466-1461

Bob Glass                      859-491-0636

Tom Pyke                      859-620-4336

Andy Spenlau               859-509-1001

2017/2018 term

Greg Schwartz               859-750-5605

Marty Stieritz                859-581-3971

Travis Heiert                 859-394-2471

Steve Moremond           859-291-2125

Bob Creekmore             513-403-2894

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